Today was bad. I was apparently misunderstood by a friend, someone I actually care about, even though I've only known her for just over 3 weeks, and that misunderstanding snowballed into a huge deal, that did way more damage than you'd expect something so small could (then again, it may always be the small things that do the most damage, huh?). It's actually not even over yet, because only I know there was a misunderstanding, as far as she's concerned I am an ass... maybe she's right, but not in the way she thinks. What a shitty day, and if I can't repair this somehow, then what a waste of a promising friendship. Guess I'll see how things go tomorrow... hopefully better, because this is the dominant weight on my mind right now, and it's really keeping me down... --------------------

On a lighter note, I ran for 42 minutes today, up and down hills... the most I've ever run, and though my knee seems surprisingly healthy (but for a little pulling) my calves and quads are really suffering. Oh well... I think I did about 4 miles... so I'm pretty happy. Gotsta do da cardio...