I got to feel like a hypocrite this morning. I had told Lan before that he was dumb to wear his nice convertible hiking pants/shorts to work and hang out all the time when they cost so much and were so useful and purposeful for hiking and other outdoor activities... then this morning I didn't feel like wearing jeans but I wanted to wear pants so I wore my nice convertible hiking pants/shorts. They were really comfortable, I can see why Lan wore them all the time. When I got home Lan, Bonny and I went running down at Peters Canyon. I really wanted to test out the knee on some trail running, and I think it did ok. It did hurt afterwards, but it's been about a half hour now and it feels pretty much the same as it has lately, or at least not too much worse. We ran about 3 miles or so, but since I forgot my watch I have no idea how long it took. Too bad. I guess I'll just have to time it next time, which will hopefully be Friday. I think I'll run Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays before I go work out at Tony's. Then Tuesdays and Thursdays I can go to 24hr Fitness and do the elliptical trainer and maybe the stairclimber or something, along with the back machine. Gotta work the back!


My buddy Josh has just released the long awaited and highly anticipated Jodag.net... his personal website. It's purty durn cool, and pisses me off because he used the random picture generator for his home page and I have been planning on doing that for almost a year now but if I do it now it will just look like I am trying to be like him. Ok, it's true! I want to be Josh. But that is beside the point. Since Josh is sort of the videographer of the group, he has videos on his site that are damn cool, including one of our Joshua Tree and White Mountain trips to date. He has dee skeels with Adobe Premeire.

I will, however, refrain from rebutting the seemingly sly and innocent comment about how his buddy JG knows how to shoot a crash... oh, wait... I guess by saying that I am in fact rebutting it... oops... I guess I could delete this and not post it... thereby erasing all trace of my rebuttal... but no! Rebuttal. I just wanted to type the word again... I don't even know if I'm using it in the correct context or even if I am spelling it right... but damn do I need to go to bed.