Last day of the month... er... I guess that's no big deal, huh? Tony and I will be planning out Halloween this weekend, maybe building some props and stuff. Next weekend is supposed to be White Mountain III, but Lan and I got insurance for the cars today, and it looks like it may not happen. We'll see after I do some math tomorrow... too tired right now. It would suck to not be able to do WMIII because of money. It always sucks when money... or, I should say, lack of money... gets in the way of enjoying life... but I guess that's just how it goes most of the time. Hey, if everyone had all the money they needed, then the California Super Lottery would be out of business. What would they do with all that billboard space? What would they do with all that extra air-time that the commercials now fill? What would they do with all that extra counter space at 7-11? Hmmm... must be getting late, yep, it's past nine, time for bed. I feel a little better going to bed now that I've started working out with Tony. We started last Monday, and it at least allows me to feel somewhat active again... since I've been out of commission for 4 weeks now because of my stupid knee. I'm going to try biking again soon, but I think I might try a visit to the doctor's office again first. The damned thing seemed to be getting better for the first 3 weeks, but for the past week it seems to just stay the same... which is not a good sign. Guess I may have to go in for an MRI after all, and I may even need, though I don't want to think about it, surgery. I don't want to miss my first snowboarding season... I had planned on being awesome.