Well... Lan, Josh and Jarr are off on White Mountain as I write this, hiking and having a good old time... while I sit here and think about how dumb I was to jump over that fence and screw up my knee so now I can't go. It was 3 weeks ago and I'm still not healed. I imagine it may be quite a while before it's fully functional again. Oh well, that's stupidity for you. I'm going to the gym now, though Charles is tempting me to go to REI and have some delicious grilled kielbasa and sauerkraut (sp?) sandwiches. I'll try to do an hour on the elliptical trainer, but in order to do that I need to go buy a walkman or something. It's just too damn boring to stay on that machine without some form of entertainment. Then I'll do some upper body stuff and come home and shower and sit and be bored because my friends are all on White Mountain having fun and I'm sitting here being bored. Damn you stupid fence!