So today I actually went to the gym and worked out. The trip was prompted both by my desire to test out my knee, and my guilt for not having done any physical activity in over 2 weeks. How pathetic. I tried the elliptical machine for "1 mile", and it worked out pretty well. I haven't been able to figure out the balance on the damn thing, so it didn't work out too well when I let go of the bars, but I guess I'll get better with time. The thing that made me happy was that I now know that I can do some cardio training so I can get ready for WMIII. It's unfortunate that my leg muscles are dissolving away a day at a time, but what I really needed was work on my cardio anyway, so it's definitely a benefit. --------------------

I'm thinking about starting up Bui Studios again. I've missed photography, and since I haven't done any portraits in a while, I think it's ok to start up again. I got tired of that stuff from working at Glamour Shots and Dream Shots, but now I'm pretty sure I'm ready to get back into it. I'm not quite ready to try and go full force into real estate again, but hey, one thing at a time. Lan and I have a shoot scheduled for this Sunday... let's see how it goes.

I guess we should work on the buistudios.com website now, maybe I'll let Lan take care of that.