Yesterday was a lot of fun. I went to Tony's house, and we BBQ'd and lit fireworks and had a good 'ol time. I took quite a few pics, but only some came out worth even looking at. If only I had a usable ISO 400 on the G3, but oh well, can't blame the camera for everything. I believe I shot all the night stuff on ISO 200, and although the noise isn't horrible, it certainly isn't all that great. Motion blur, of course, was a big factor, and focusing in super low light with the G3 is really difficult. In fact, possibly the best shot of the night was far out of focus, but I suppose that's just the way things are... here are two shots from the day: Horseshoes Playing With Fire

The other night I went to the Angels game with Fabian and George. I'm not much of a baseball fan, or much of a sports fan at all for that matter, but I had a good time. If nothing else I was entertained by the characters around me. I took some shots and really started to miss my 1v. The G3 is not a sports action camera, but I knew that when I got it, so it doesn't really disappoint me. Here are a couple of interesting (to me at least) shots from the night.

Boo Mark and Brian


Josh and I are planning a trip up to White Mountain the weekend of July 19th for some high elevation mountain biking. I have never done anything in high elevation, so I am wondering how well I'll do. Ok, that's not entirely true, because I'm pretty damn sure I will not do so well at all, so I guess I'm more wondering how badly I'll do. In preparation for the trip I'm doing what I consider to be some hard training, but that's, of course, by my standards, which are probably quite low compared to others'. I rode every day the past 3 days, I'm taking today off, then I'm riding for the next 4 days straight, and so on. Tomorrow Josh, Jarr and I are going to ride in Joshua Tree. It may seem funny to choose the hottest weekend this year has yet had to offer, but hey, what else are we gonna do? I hope to do lots of decent photography, but I may be too hot to push the shutter button.