Paintball was awesome. Killing is fun. Must... kill... again!!! It took me a game or two to get in the groove, but then I started racking up the kills. Actually, my team was racking up the kills. The six of us (Tony, Lan, Kevin, Jarr, Chris and myself) were whooping some ass. The guys on the other team kept trying to break us up, but we came to play and kill together, not fight each other, so we stayed a team, and it was fun up until lunch. Then, the cheating started, and it wasn't the same. It was ok, though, because we had already put in 8 great games and had only lost 1. They kept switching out our teammates but it didn't matter, we played well together and advanced quickly through them each time. They started camping, but we still killed them. After lunch, though, a few of them because invincible, and apparently immune to being shot. There were times when we could clearly see they had been shot, and times that we just suspected, but in both cases they claimed to still be alive. I suppose it was their inner felines dishing out those extra lives or something. I got very upset during the last few games though, and the last two just weren't fun at all, after one of their guys lit up Chris with about 10 shots (8 of them entirely unnecessary since the first two broke on him and he wasn't shooting). The last game I just crawled around with Jarr because I didn't have any paint left, I just shot blanks and stayed with him for moral support, until he died... oh well. It was still an awesome day, and I will definitely be going back soon, just not with the same people. The six of us can probably round up enough other guys to get our own private game, and then the killing will start again. It's a shame that I'm too sore to go biking tomorrow. Kneeling, crawling, crouching, etc... were a little hard on me, and I think it'll take a little while to recover. My sides and back hurt the most, probably from the crawling on my belly through Korea and Russia. My quads aren't doing too well either, and that would probably be from the constant crouching. Like I said, though, it was worth it.


I put up a new bio pic, it's an old shot Lan took of me shooting an event at The Block of Orange. That was when I was shooting with the Canon EOS 1v and one of my L series lenses, probably the 28-70mm 2.8L. It was a great camera, and it really gave me a feeling I've never felt as strongly with any other camera I've used... I think the best way to describe it is "confidence". It was fast to focus, fast to wind, and had an amazingly responsive shutter. I could see what I was focusing on, I could see 100% of what was to be in the frame, and I could see all the exposure and other information I needed through the nice bright viewfinder. I could manually adjust setting or leave it in dummy mode. And I always could feel when I pressed the shutter that I had gotten the shot. The only downsides were its size and the noise. They never bothered me too much until I started reading all the raves about the M6, though. I really missed the speed and responsiveness. Nothing else has compared. I know the M6 had a fast shutter, but I could ever focus it as fast as my L lenses focused. I also could set exposure as quickly. Yep, I really miss my 1v. I wish I had never sold it, because I'd still have all my L series lenses and if I couldn't afford to shoot film right now I could sell just the body and get a 10D, I'd still have all that wonderful glass. OH WELL. I'll just have to wait.

The M6, Summicron and Minilux all sold really quickly, and at very decent prices. Next week I'm going to try and sell Ben's Contax gear. I don't know if I can get the money he wants and still get a cut for myself, but I'm going to try. Gotta make some money somehow.