Lan and I rode "The Ironman" trail today, and found that this route really does live up to its name. I didn't know it was called "The Ironman" until I got home and looked up the route we rode in the "Mountain Biking Orange County" book. Basically it was our regular Santiago - Chutes ride, with an added 6 miles or so through Weir Canyon. This way you actually get to ride through all 3 regional parks... Irvine, Santiago Oaks, and Weir Canyon. The Weir Canyon loop is basically a nice up and down twisty turny ride through some hills. There are no really long climbs, just shorter but very steep ones. Instead of riding just the 3 b's, we rode the 30 b's. The views were great, though, and they really made me wish that I had a good place for my camera that I no longer take along on rides. I learned today that it is probably wise to bring along an extra Cliff bar and maybe an apple or something in the Camelbak. I was extremely hungry at about the 10 mile mark, and I started feeling very weak. I needed more energy. Next time I will be more prepared. I also really need a nice multi-tool. My bike needed adjustments and there wasn't a damn thing I could do about it.