After going over the photos Lan and I have taken during our two mountain biking trips, I realize that it's quite tough to get good shots that actually convey the feeling of danger and excitement you get when riding certain trails. Most of the shots look quite flat, and when viewing them you just end up thinking "So what?" I'm guessing that's why all skateboard photos and video are done with fisheye lenses, because otherwise most of it would look just as boring... Well, thanks to Josh I won't be selling my camcorder just yet... and I really wish I had never sold my GL1... the quality of the ZR20 isn't all that great (I had only bought it to take some home video of my trip with the dogs across the US). Now I want to shoot lots of video and burn home DVDs. If I can sell a few damn houses I will be able to buy what I want (er... I mean need).