Mountain biking is great. Lan, Aaron and I rode Chute's again, and it was better the second time because I didn't need to be quite as careful since I knew what would be coming around the next turn most of the time. Everything went quite smoothly until Lan decided to do what Aaron did and ride off a little drop... and here's what happened: Lan's Big Fall

He ended up being fine save for a few scratches on his arm... so I guess it wasn't too bad, but it sure looked scary. The G3 is great, I am very happy with it, and soon I will be getting out and taking pics for my Orange County project. I just need a different cap for the lens, because the crappy cap that came with it really sucks.

I think I'm going to set up a MTB (mountain bike) gallery for all my MTB pics. I'm thinking of not making it easily accessible though. Actually I have a few galleries of snapshots of various events that there are no links to. I wonder where I can put a link to them in my pages without most people noticing.