This past weekend was quite a busy one. 2BBQ's and a birthday party on Saturday, then mountain biking and the bridal show on Sunday. I'm hoping to have time to get out and shoot more this week. I need to find a better way to store my G3 while I am biking, because as it is right now I stick it in the big pocket of my Camelbak, and it takes way too long to get to it and it's far too inconvenient. Also, the big pocket is right next to the water bag, and even with the layer of insulation the camera still gets quite cool, so when I take it out parts of it fog up... not good. One of the parts of the trail we rode on Sunday was a little flooded with overflow from the pond nearby, and there were thousands, or probably tens of thousands of little frogs all over the damn place. I took some pics of them but they came out pretty darn boring, so I won't be showing them here, but maybe tomorrow if they are still around I will be able to get a few decent shots.