I bought a bike yesterday, actually Lan bought it for me, so now I can do some riding and try to lose the 25 lbs I've been trying to lose for a few years, plus the 7 or 8 I've strangely gained in the past 2 weeks. It's all the damn desserts I've been having... I didn't used to be into dessert, but Maria always has apple pie and ice cream just waiting... anyway, I hope to do some nice trailriding, and I'll be bringing the G3 with me, too. Unfortunately, last night when I took the bike down to Irvine Park to do a bit of riding before dark, the rear wheel got bent. I hadn't done anything crazy, just a little trailriding, but it was enough to bend the rear wheel a little bit, and so now I need to take it in to be adjusted. I needed to get the shifter cables adjusted anyway, since they don't shift where they are supposed to, so I guess it's not so bad. I'm going riding tonight, though, so we'll see how the bike is after it's fixed.