As usual, UPS has screwed me and not delivered on their promised date. That's why I always choose FedEx, they're just better. Unfortunately I was told it would be shipped FedEx then found that it went UPS instead. So the camera should arrive today, then it's time to go out and shoot some stuff... --------------------

Woohoo! I am now the proud new owner of one Canon Powershot G3. I went out to try and get some test shots done before it got too dark, but didn't get anything too interesting. One thing I have noticed is how right all the reviews have been about the grain at the higher ISOs. It's pretty bad. I'm planning on getting NeatImage, though, so that should help out. Also, I think that anything that I have to shoot at ISO 400 I'll just end up converting to black and white... because I don't like grain (or noise, I should say) in color photos. The camera is pretty intuitive, all the controls seem pretty easy to access. So far, I like it! I need to get out and do some good shooting though. I'm thinking of convincing Lan to go out with a couple of tripods tonight and do some night shooting. 15 second exposures should be pretty cool. I just need to be careful of being mistaken as a terrorist. While I walked around Old Towne Orange people did look at me funny as I snapped shots of some buildings. Damn terrorists, they affect more than we realize.

Someplace In Time Huffy

So although I didn't produce anything all that special yet, I guess that shouldn't surprise me, since I never really got anything that good before either.