Well, a lot has changed since my last journal entry. For starters, I no longer live in Hollywood, though I didn't move to NY. Instead, I came back to Orange County, where I belong. You really take things for granted until you are away from them. It's so nice to be back. I'm also in real estate now. In fact, I just received my license today. It is a momentous occassion. Actually, it will only be momentous if in fact I make a lot of money selling real estate. If I don't, then I suppose when I look back on this day, it will mean absolutely nothing. No, that isn't true, today is hopefully the day I start the journal back up, so that's something to remember.

Sol is living in San Diego at San Diego Interior Foliage... guarding it from those who would steal plants. Kido is living with Tony and Maria in Santa Ana... I get to see him every few days so it isn't as bad. I am living with Lan now, for the first time since I left home. Hopefully things are sorting themselves out now, and I can get on with my life... in an upwards direction. I'm still dizzy from the downward spiral I've just pulled myself out of, but I think things are going to be ok.