Well, being the epuipment junkie who doesn't do photography that I am, I have made another equipment decision, and I think it's a good one. (well duh, if I didn't think it was good why would I make it, right?) I am going to sell my Minilux and buy the Canon Powershot Elph S230. Selling the Minilux will just about pay for it, and though the Minilux's images really do have an indescribable snap to them, the Elph will fulfill the same duties, only more cheaply. The Minilux isn't all that much smaller than my M6, so all it offers me is autoexposure and flash capabilities, neither of which are too important to me. The problem is the fact that the Minlux is there for when I can't or won't carry the M6, but since they are about the same size and the M6 is quieter and more user friendly anyway (in its own way), I never use the Minilux anyway. The Elph is digital, 3mp, with everything I need in a snapshot camera, in a much smaller package. Also, film ain't cheap, and my snapshots will end up digital anyway, whether I have to scan them or download them from a card. Do the Elph wins big time. Bye bye Minilux... ---------------------

I took a brief walk down Hollywood Blvd yesterday, which was closed off for a movie filming, and took some shots. It's still very difficult for me to take pictures of people on the street, even though I see lots of interesting shots. It's too damn intimidating. I did manage to take a few shots that I thought would be interesting at least, if not good, then went home and smacked myself on the forehead. Doh! I had put in a roll or Tri-X that I had already shot some frames on, but took out to replace with TMZ, but when I put it in, I forgot to skip all those frames. So... my shots of Hollywood Blvd will have my dogs superimposed over them. Who knows, maybe I'll actually get something interesting out of it.