It's raining outside. To most people that wouldnt be something worth mentioning, but I'm in southern California and we don't often see rain. According to the weather report it may be one of the biggest storms to hit us for a couple years, with a projected 1 inch of rain! Mama pajama! Actually, in LA and Orange County, 1 inch of rain is a big deal. We don't have good drainage systems on our roads, our parking lots, our driveways... so there's lots of flooding. Its rained maybe a quarter of an inch so far, if that, and I had to walk across a makeshift bridge (plywood on a couple long 2x4s) to take the dogs out to potty. That's pathetic, but when I get to NY, I'm sre gonna miss California weather. I'm going to wait for the rain to slow down a bit, or maybe stop, then I'm going out to take some rare pics... Hollywood in the rain. People don't often see that. Also, since not many people feel the need to own umbrellas (myself included), I'll get a few shots of wet Califonians, too. I can hardly wait.


I have made a few small design changes on the site... but I'm really not happy with it at all. I need to think outside the box or something. Who knows? I know that I would not make a good graphic design artist. The thing is, I can see someone else's design, and give it a good critique, but I just can't make my own from scratch. Luckily, as a photographer, I will look for designs in the light, shadows and forms, then I just need to capture them. I don't think I'd make a good still photographer, actually having to set up shots, but hopefully I can do architectural photography, where I just need to find the shots


I changed the image on the home page to one of Grace's shots. I think this was from the second shoot I did of her. Actually, it may have been the third (and last). Unfortunately at the time I hadn't really learned much about lighting yet and I overexposed the black background and it came out very grey, so I tried burning it out, leaving an interesting glow mostly around her head, and I ended up liking it that way. Hopefully it will stop raining soon so I can get outside and shoot some stuff, I am really itching to shoot!


Unfortunately it didn't stop raining before it got dark, in fact, I think it's still raining now. I wonder how well the M6 does in rain, or at least sprinkles or drizzle. My 1v and L lenses were sealed to handle rain and snow and sand, but I'm guessing the M6 wouldn't be too happy in those conditions. Then again, my 1v and 28-70mm weighed about 6 lbs.

I have been tinkering with the site some more, and though I'm not happy with it, I'm happier than I was. I'm guessing I'll never be completely happy with it, or rather I'm hoping I won't, otherwise I'd find no reason to continue to update it. I finally got the frames to work on the new photos section. It was actually really simple, I was just missing a few things.