So I've been trying to tinker with the site design, and realize that I suck at it. I have always been big into simple, straightforward designs, and I'm not very good with the use of color. All I end up wanting to use is black, white and shades of grey. If I ever have to add color I'd prefer t be a dull blue-grey. So far things haven't been going well. I am also trying to redesign the new photos section using frames, and that isn't going well either. Dreamweaver doesn't appear to want me to use frames, it keeps making some of them disappear after I save and reopen my files. I am probably just doing something wrong but I'll be damned if I know what it is. I think the site will look like crap for a while until I get all this figured out. I would just mess with the design and upload it all when I am done with it, instead of uploading every time I make some crappy change that I know won't stick, but it's not as if I'm going to upset any of my visitors, as there really aren't any. I have had a few visitors who stumbled into my site mistakingly due to google.de and google.fr indexing my journals. I got some visitor who was swarching for "jennifer beals flashdance gallery" and one for "robin williams one hour photo", I even got a few that were searches for various camcorders. They don't seem to look around too much once they've arrived, maybe 2 or 3 pages. I guess once I get some actual photography up on the site I may get more traffic. I certainly am not going to try to advertise the site until I have something more than just this journal. --------------------

I received my journal from 1000journals.com yesterday. It is #945. Nice cover design, but as I think I said before, I'm rather uncomfortable with this because I'm the first person to get this one. Which means I am starting the art. That's not easy for someone like me, who has never really accomplished any "art" yet. My first idea is to shoot a roll of Agfa Scala (black and white slide film) and put it in a neg sleeve, tape off the ends, then glue or staple it to the first page or two, so you can flip it out and hold it up to the light to look at it. I was thinking of maybe attaching a loupe on a string, but figured that might be going a little too far. I haven't decided what to shoot yet, but I'll probably just put the film in the M6 and go walk around Hollywood for a while. I wonder if they'll do a good job of scanning the results once the journal gets back to them. They are scanning everything and posting it on the website when it comes back, which I think it great. But if they just use a flatbed scanner with no tranny adapter you won't be able to see a damn thing. Oh well. The good thing is that we are encouraged to let family and friends enter stuff into the journals too, so I'm going to encourage everyone I know to do just that.

I'm also waiting to receive the disposable camera from the photo.net "chain-cammie project" that Daniel Flather started. I get one shot, then I have to pass it on. Now that's pressure!


I'm pretty pissed off right now. Just yesterday I received the first junkmail I've ever gotten on my vu@buistudios.com email address. I haven't used it to sign up for anything anywhere, but I guess it was only a matter of time before some evil email sniffer found the address on my site, or maybe on someone else's guestbook or something. Today I've already received 3 or 4 junk emails, and I'm guessing that by the end of the week I'll be getting 100 a day, just like my yahoo account which I've had for 5 years and which is used whenever I have to give some website or some company my email address. That just pisses me off. I hate spam... well, I guess just about everyone does. And the truth is, it wouldn't be too hard to get rid of it either. All we need to do is stop all the idiots out there who keep responding to or actually buying some of this crap. If it was entirely ineffective, they'd stop doing it. If they never got a single response or never made a single sale because of these damn mailings, they'd shut it down. Damn I'm pissed.