So I'm sitting here in front of Aldo's in Irvine waiting for Brian (I'm early) and I am an idiot because I left my cell at home. Oh well. So I was sitting here looking around (oh, and Also's is closed on Sundays so that sucks) and I realized that Irvine is very boring looking. Then I realized most of Orange County is very boring looking. I love Orange County, but I just think it looks boring, and I realize why. It's mostly too perfect. Most great photographs are of imperfections, and that's what makes them interesting. The exceptions would of course be product photography and hot women. They are best portrayed as perfect. I don't think I'd much care to have a nice close look at Milla Jovovich's pimples. So I'm moving to New York or Boston and they are much older places than Orange County, and there will be more imperfections, and somehow that is more beautiful. I like photos of old run down buildings and farms or broken down rusted cars that have been overgrown by vines sitting in someone's backyard. I don't much care for pictures of new faarms or houses or cars just sitting there looking shiny (actually I dont think new houses and farms are probably that shiny...). And where am I going with all this? I don't remember, because I'm hungry and Also's is closed.