I had thought that I didn't want to write in the journal during this time of my life, because I down and unhappy, etc... but now I realize how ridiculous that is. This journal is here to document my life and photography, and although it is supposed to be focused on photography, it certainly isn't restricted to it, and most definitely shouldn't be. I had thought that I would keep this journal on topic, always about photography, for two reasons... first, so I could go back and read the things I had done and learned and how it all happened. Second, I wanted to stay on topic for the rest of the people who would read my journal, if any. Now I realize that this journal is for me first, and if not a single person besides myself ever read it, that would not matter to me in the slightest. Also, if people do ever stumble across it and decide to read a bit, I want it to be honest and complete. I shouldn't censor my thoughts and ideas because they don't conform to what I had in mind for the rules of my "photography journal". So I now declare that I will write in this journal anything I damn well feel, and it will truly document my life, not just my photo expeditions. I don't think, however, that I will turn this into a blog type journal, with just rantings and ravings about how my roommate pissed me off by drinking the last of the milk or crap like that. Then again, who knows? --------------------

So, as an update to what is going on... I have a bunch of stuff up on eBay, including my Contax G2 system and my Contax Aria system. When they sell and I get paid Grant Heffernan will be selling me his M6. Then I'm going to just go and buy a few Voigtlander lenses to tide me over until I can afford some Leica glass. I'm planning on getting the 50/1.5, 35/1.7 and 21/4. I really wish the 21mm was a 2.8, but oh well, what can I expect for $350? I'm also going to probably purchase a camcorder. I think I had a little rant about camcorders and their importance earlier this month, so I won't go into it again. I'm probable also going to get a Canon PowerShot S100. I used to have one, and I sold it to Lan, who gave it to Bonny, and now I'm borrowing it to take pics for eBay. I had planned on getting an Olympus Stylus Epic for my snapshots, but now I think I'll just stick with digital for my junk snaps, and my Minilux for everything else that my M6 will not be present to take. I doubt I will want to take the M6 everywhere. Like hiking, biking, etc... The Minilux or the S100 will be good for that stuff.

I have decided that I want to try and start buying and selling cameras (well, I've done this for the past few years, but now I actually want to make money instead of losing it). It'll have to start off very small, just finding old cameras like Canonets and stuff at garage sales then selling them on eBay. I do have bigger goals, though, and would like to actually be a camera dealer when I can afford to put out a bunch of cash to get started. Maybe I'll start learning camera repair, too. I think I would be happy with a little camera store and repair shop. I'd probably sell mostly older cameras, because how can you compete with B&H for the new stuff?

Um... what did I start out talking about? Oh yeah, where I'm at with the whole moving situation. Well, things are going slowly, but they are going. I'm pretty sure I'll get out of here by Thanksgiving. I am going to work on selling my car this weekend, and hopefully I can get it sold quick. Also, it would be nice to get enough from its sale to enable me to buy a decent Cherokee that will not only make the trip to NY, but will perform well when it's there. It'll have to be able to start in the morning when it's below zero out.

Speaking of below zero weather... mama pajama! I hadn't really thought about the cold yet. Well, I'd thought of it, but just superficially. I haven't really thought about it. Damn it's gonna be cold. I'm going to need some really warm sweaters and jackets and boots and longjohns and earmuffs and... a whole bunch of stuff. I think that living in So. California for so long has really made me take for granted the 3 days of rain a year and the Christmas days spent playing volleyball at the beach. It's definitely going to be strange to actually have to look at a weather report and fear that it may not be sunny. Actually, today is an overcast day in LA, but I can still trot around in shorts and T-shirts. In fact, that's what I'm wearing right now.