Well, today I saw a guy looking for a G2 kit on the contaxg.com mailing list, and I offered him my kit. If he buys it then I will buy an M6, if he doesn't, then I will stay with the G2 for now. It would be much easier to sell the entire kit all at once than to sell it as a smaller kit and a few seperate items on eBay, although I'd get a bit more doing everything seperately. I will also sell my Aria and lenses if he buys this, and put some of that money into another lens for the Leica, and some toward a camcorder. Speaking of camcorders, I have just spent two entire days looking into them. I'm trying to figure out the perfect comromise between price, size and features. I don't think it exists right now. Basically, what I want is a mini DV upright-style camcorder with a 1.8 lens, night shot mode down to 0 lux that works in B&W (not green), and preferrable has manual aperture selection capabilities. Things like image stabilization and color viewfinders and big zoom ranges and all that other junk don't matter to me. I do like the idea of having 1 megapixel still image capabilities, because that would solve my snapshot camera dilemma. I would like to pay no more than $700 for this camcorder on eBay in mint condition. The closest I have found is the Sony PC100. It's the predecessor to the PC110 which came before the PC120 and I think now they are coming out with the PC130. It's an oldie but seems to be a goodie. The only thing I don't like about it is its lack of aperture control. That was the great thing about the GL1, it had all the exposure modes that my film cameras have. Aperture priority, Shutter priority, Manual and Program... and even Auto. Oh well, the GL1 was not palm sized, and that's why it never saw any use. I guess you can't have it all, at least not affordably, not yet.