Last night I took Lan annd Bonnie to see The Big Funk. It was horrible. Opening night everything worked. The acting was good, the scenes flowed, the audience was great and the experience was very enjoyable. Last night was just bad. The actors were screwing up their lines a lot, and they weren't really staying in character... they kept cracking up. Also the audience was a bunch of idiots... there were these giggling girls on the right side, and these two cackling women on the left. No one was reacting the way I would expect an audience to act, and I think that was hurting the actors' performances even more. Oh well, at least I got to see it when it was good, unfortunately Lan and Bonnie did not, and they were very disappointed. --------------------

Lan just bought a video camera. It's the Sony TRV-140. Digital 8mm format, 20x optical zoom, f/1.8 lens, night shot mode, etc... it's a pretty decent camera for the $500 he paid for it. Seeing it really made me miss my Canon GL1, which I sold in June for rent money. The truth is, that camera did not suit me, but it was hard to let it go regardless of that fact. I didn't really ever use it because it was so big and bulky. The quality was amazing but the size just made it impractical for daily, or even just regular use. If I still had it now I would probably sell it and use the money towards a Sony IP5. Now that is something that could be of use to me.

I love still images... I love shooting photographs and I love viewing photographs. There are, however, some things that call for video. I am talking about recording memories here, not creating art. Snapshots are wonderful, but supplementing them with well done video snippets is a great way of storing memories. I have a bad memory, and photographs can bring back many past experiences for me. There are times, however, when I may forget a person's laugh or even the sound of their voice. A picture of your friend saying one of the dumbest things you have ever heard just won't compare to a video recording of it. So it makes me sad that I don't have a video camera anymore. The bad thing is that I made more videos with my junky old Sony Hi-8 Handycam than with the GL1. I think I may need to get a video camera soon, something small and portable enough that I will be willing to take it anywhere. We'll see.