I took a look at the photos I had in the "new photos" section, and realized that they suck. I don't mean that they weren't that good, or that they could be better, but that they really sucked. There was only one that I liked, so I took down all but that one. The bad thing is that when I posted them I knew they were no good, but they were all I had, because Lucky won't let me go out and shoot new stuff, but I didn't want to have no photos at all up there. Now I realize that no photos is better than sucky photos, so I got rid of them. One big benefit to this experience though was that I realize how great the new photos section is for weeding out the no-so-good images. In the future, when I have better stuff to post, leaving photos in the new section will give me time to get over the new and interesting factor and really see these images for what they are... and if they are nothing then I can take them down and never have to worry about them again... but if they turn out to be something then I can put them in one of the galleries.