I had already thought it would be a good idea to do what so many other photographers are doing these days and start a Photo-A-Week type thing. I may as well wait for next year though, seeing as how this year is 3/4 over with already and I ill be locked up for the next month with Lucky anyway. Thinking about this led me to a new project idea... Story-A-Week. Or maybe I'll be more realistic and do a Story-A-Month project. I used to write short stories, and I used to enjoy it. This was, of course, almost 10 years ago, but I think a little practice and I'll get back into the swing of things. I think I'll try to write as many decent short stories as I can over the next few months, then I can see if I want to try and start that project for 2003, and I'll see whether or not I think I can do one a week. Maybe it should be Story-Every-Two-Weeks or if things don't go too well then Story-Every-Month-And-A-Half. It will probably end up just being a story whenever I feel like it section on the site. That is how I am going to start it all off anyway. Just a few short stories. I guess I should start writing them. --------------------

I had forgotten that I finished a roll of Tri-X the other day when I took Lucky to my uncle's house, and I had another roll that was finished but still sitting in the Lomo. I just finished with them and they are hanging to dry. Unsurprisingly, my first impression of the Lomo shots is that they look like crap. I am not good at looking at negs yet, but from what I can see so far they look out of focus and mostly motion blurred. I don't think I have ever gotten a decent shot out of that camera, and I had put many rolls of Lucky film through it back in 1999. I have just now decided to sell it. I never wanted to sell it because it goes so cheap on eBay, but I am willing to lose the money since the camera is of no practical use to me. I will be getting and Olympus Stylus Epic soon, and I can't think of a single situation where it would be beneficial to have the Lomo over the Epic. I guess I'll list it next week when I go to sell my scanner.


Well, as I had expected, the Lomo shots were all garbage. I must remember to never put another roll of film through it. First of all, almost all "Lomography" is done with cheap color film. I guess the premise is that the over saturated colors prominent grain draw attention from the lack of focus and the frequent motion blur. The fact is that most "Lomographs" that I've seen are complete garbage... but every once in a while I've noticed a keeper in the midst of the trash. Lomo shots in black and white are really worthless.

As for the other roll, shot on the G2, well... there were some nice family snapshots, and that's about it. There were a few shots I took out the window of Daria's Cherokee the day Lucky and I took her to work so I could take her car to get smogged, but they aren't that great. unfortunately they are the only thing I have really shot in the past month so I am still somewhat pleased. Here's one:


There was also a decent shot from the dog park. It was shot with the 21mm, but I had to crop it just a little, too much nothingness surrounding the action.


I am not really happy with anything I shot on either roll, but it still felt good just to develop something. Sorry Lucky, but I can't wait until you get adopted out. I may love her, but I really need to be free of her soon, or I may lose my sanity.