I have been spending a lot of time this week reminiscing about the past. It all started when I decided to do this family portal thing and scan all my old snapshots. I've been trying to remember things from the "lost" sections of my life, the times which are mostly blank. I can't seem to remember 6th through 8th grade at all. As in I have no recollection whatsoever of even attending school during those years. I have been researching all morning and trying to figure out what schools I must have been at, and I think I went to Wallkill Middle School for 6th and 7th, then Washingtonville Middle School for 8th. Then I started to think about 5th grade, and I remember my teacher's name was Ms. Auerhanh (sp?). I remember that she was a great teacher, or at least that I really liked her. Then I remembered that around that time I was hanging out with a kid named Minki Chang. I went to his house once to ride his trike and I rolled it and almost broke my foot in the process (that's why they banned trikes). I don't remember much more than that. Wait, actually I believe I went to school with Minki in Wallkill Middle School, 6th or 7th or both grades. I think we were on the bowling team for a year. Wow, it's funny how things come back to you if you really try to remember them. Just click, and some memories pop back that you haven't accessed for 10 years or more. Amazing. I just went onto Classmates.com and found out that Minki actually graduated from Wallkill High School, and was in the National Honors Society. Makes sense, I used to always hang out with smart kids... you know, intelligent by association and all... I just can't see myself paying the $36 right now just to possibly be able to contact him. Who knows when he listed his email address and whether or not it's still valid. I wasn't able to find him anywhere else on the web, but I did find a Hong Kong porn director with the same name. Maybe later when I have some money I'll pay the damn fee and try to go and contact all my old friends. Unfortunately I only remember a very select few of their names, so I doubt I will have much luck.


It looks like I'm going to have to push back all of my projects a month, since I've still got a full 3 weeks minimum, but probably a whole month, to look after Lucky. I picked her up from the vet and she looks like Frankendog. They had to do a full 12 inch incision, and they used staples to close it up, so it is not pretty. Worse than the staples, though, are the rubber drains that stick out from the top of her back and go all the way through to stick out again on her underside. They also shaved most of her back and right side. She is definitely a gnarly sight. I shot a few photos for posterity, but I doubt I will want to post any. Well, at least she is now cancer-free, and that is a good thing. Hopefully she heals quickly and we can get on with our lives.