Today Lucky had her tumor removed. Luckily for her, it was not attached to her kidney as the doctor had thought was possible. Apparently she had cancer there before, the doctor said that she'd had the same surgery done in the same place maybe a few years back. That may be why she was abandoned. Surgery can get well into the thousands, and to have to do it again, well, home people may not love their pets that much. The doctor said either she is just a dog who grows cancerous tumors, or the doctor who operated on her last time did not remove all of the tumor. This guy is supposed to be the best animal surgeon in LA, so hopefully he is right, and he did everything well this time around. This may explain why Lucky gets so scared when she is in the vet's office. She may have spent some bad times there before. I don't know if I mentioned before but every time she gets into the vet's office she starts shaking wildly. She was shaking so much last time her teeth were chattering... poor little Lucky. Hopefully she will be healed and ready in just a couple weeks or so, because I need to get a job and start getting out there with my camera, but not in that order. I want to take my camera out as soon as I have the freedom to do so, and once I am able to actually attend an interview, I will find a job of some sort. No more than 30 hours a week though, unless it pays amazingly well.


I have decided that for sure I am going to sell the film scanner. I am going to probably buy the Epson 1640 flatbed scanner to replace it. There is no reason to have a scanner that scans at 4000dpi and only use it at 2000, then resize everything down by 75%. The Epson will do web posting just fine, and will allow me to scan Holga negs and my darkroom prints too. So I will be getting money back and I will have something that's even more useful to me. The Epson will also allow me to scan in all my old snapshots for the family webpage, and there are a lot of those.