They're shooting a movie outside my apartment, I went out on the fire escape and watched for a little while. They're doing a scene where a car gets bumped from behind. I've seen them do 10 takes or so already of the same little sequence, maybe 5 seconds long... making movies looks pretty boring... so much repetition. I took a few shots and realized that I was just wasting film, there was nothing interesting about the scene at all except for the fact that I had never really seen a location movie set before. So... I have a few snapshots on Tri-X that will never see paper. The most common advice given to a beginning photographer is "shoot lots of film". I think that should be revised. I think too many people hear that then just go out and shoot anything and everything, and if you aren't selective of what you shoot, then how will you ever get better. It's like randomly stabbing at keys on the piano for an hour, then playing back the recording and realizing that some small sections actually sounded good... but since you did it all randomly, you don't even remember how you did it. Not what notes you played... of course you can figure that out... but what was going on inside you when you did it. I think I need to be a little more selective and methodical in my approach to photography, because I don't want every good shot that I ever take to just be a "happy accident". Luck is important, and is a part of every good street photograph out there... but it shouldn't be too big a part. --------------------

So, to update on Lucky the dog's status... I took her to the vet yesterday (Anthony found a foundation that is willing to pay for all the medical bills) and they did x-rays and blood work on her. It's looking good, the doctor is willing to proceed with the operation, which he said is going to be tough, because the cancer is attached to the muscle wall. Her surgery is scheduled for Monday, and I'm really hoping it goes well. Poor Lucky, when we got inside the vet's office, she started shaking so badly her teeth were chattering. You could see her legs shaking from across the room. At least it's all for the best, and she should be ready to go to her new home in a month! Anthony also found a home for her, and that is great news. I love Lucky, she is a wonderful dog, but I have to admit that I will be a little relieved when I am finally able to leave the house without taking her with me. I am just trying not to think of the fact that I still have a month or maybe even more to go...


Leica, Leica, Leica... I am at the point now where I have no clue what I want to do. I will lose money if I sell what I have to go Leica... but maybe that's for the best. I figured that I also don't need my film scanner, I have a Canon FS4000US and I only use it to scan for the web. I think that's a bit overkill. Of course, I had originally intended to use it for all my printing, but I have decided the darkroom is the way to go, at least for now. So... I can sell the scanner and buy a decent flatbed with transparency adapter, and get $400 out of the switch. So, if I sell everything I can actually afford to get an M6 with Noctilux and 21mm Elmarit, then Voigtlander 35 and 90. This is if I buy the Leica stuff used off eBay and the Voigtlander stuff from Cameraquest. Should I do this? I don't know. The other option is to just sell the Aria and lenses, the Minilux and the G 28mm and G flash (neither of which have I ever used), then I could buy just the M6 with a 50 summicron. This will at least allow me time with the M6 before I get rid of the G2. This may be the best solution.


Just got off the phone with Nikki and Kenny back east... I had hoped to speak with my aunt Muriel too, but she wasn't home yet. A couple days ago I talked to my mother and her husband Charlie, and now I just really miss New York. I haven't been there in 3 years... so much has changed in the lives of my family members, and I have not been back to see any of it. I want to go visit but I need to go visit the family in Vietnam first. I haven't been back there in 8 years, so I really need to go. Maybe I'll go to Vietnam in the spring then New York in the summer, and I can make it to Nikki's graduation. I'll do some senior portraits for her, although she already had them done, I'm wondering what they are like. I got tired of glamour portraits becuase of my time at Glamour Shots... but other types of portraiture still interest me. I just haven't had any subjects besides my dogs for the past few months.