So after another day of contemplating all that is Leica, I have calculated that if I sell all of my G2 equipment and all of my Contax SLR equipment and my Minilux and Lomo LC-A, I will have around $3300 or so. That will afford me an M6 classic, 21mm Elmarit, 35mm Voigtlander Ultron, 50mm Summicron, 90mm Voigtlander Lanthar and a Stylus Epic. Although I sacrifice aperture-priority AE with the Epic compared to the Minilux... the truth is the Minilux is too big and expensive for me to take certain places, compared to the Epic. I also will lose aperture-priority AE going from the G2 to the M6, but that isn't too bad, I just need to get used to manual. Unfortunately I didn't start photography the same way I did driving... my father told me from the beginning that if you learn to drive a stick-shift first, the automatic will be a no-brainer, and the entire process will be easy; if you learn automatic first, it is much harder to learn stick. He was right. So... will I go through with this whole system switch? I don't know. What I do know is that I really want to stop thinking about it, and anyone reading this would probably want me to stop writing about it too.


The other day while I was sitting in traffic I looked in the rearview mirror and though the scene behind me looked very interesting... just the way the cars were lined up and curved around. Not wanting to take just a normal pic of this, I decided to take out the Bessa-L w/ 15mm Heliar, set the timer, put it on the dash, then let it shoot. Now I've decided to make that into a little project. I need to park my car (I suppose sometimes I could be driving, if I make some kind of mount for the camera) with interesting compositions in the background, then shoot them with myself sitting right there in the driver's seat. It's probably been done, but maybe not done well, so hopefully I'm on to something. I'm pretty sure that the lens is picking me up, but I'm not sure how well yet, and how distorted I will be. I need to finish that roll. Too bad it's XP2 though, because I'll need to go drop it off. We'll see in a week or so.