The weekend didn't turn out to be nearly as productive as I would have liked. I got a haircut, won $87 at Rock-and-Bowl, and hurt my knee some more. Not exactly the type of weekend I was hoping for. Oh well, can't be productive all the time... but since I'm not usually all that productive on the weekends, I thought it would be nice to try it once. Eh... maybe next time. I'm trying not to drone on and on about gear like I used to... it started with photo gear, then biking, and now it's hiking/backpacking gear. Next it'll be snowboarding. Luckily I'm broke thanks to the Trooper, so I can't buy anything... so I'll keep mostly quiet for now. I do, however, want to stress how much I miss my GL1... I really shouldn't have sold it.


I saw One Hour Photo again yesterday, what a great movie. It reaffirms my respect for Robin Williams as an actor. It also fired me up about photography a little bit again, but more about the recent type of photos I've shot rather than what I used to shoot. Lately I have been shooting the trips I take and stuff at home, friends, family, etc... just snapshots, really, and the movie really emphasises their importance. There is a line in the film about how if someone were to go through our photo album, it would seem as though we had such a happy life, because people only take pictures of the good times, of happy events... certainly not things they'd rather forget. It's kinda sad, really, because some of the most important parts of our lives happen in unhappy times. I'm guessing, though, that people wouldn't want me to take their pic when they are upset or crying or doing something they'd be ashamed of, so I guess there won't be anything I'll be doing about it.

I was going through old photos and I came across the first roll I ever shot with the Bessa L and the 15mm Heliar. There were some really cool shots. I haven't shot any film for a while, but I popped a roll of Superia Xtra 400 in it and I'm going to shoot it over the next week or two. Hopefully I'll come up with something cool that will really respark my old love for that lens. I also came across some shots I did with the Minilux, and now I can really see what people were talking about when they say the images had a "look", a certain "pop" to them. There is an actual noticeable difference, and I miss that too. Some day I'll have to make a lot of money a buy all the gear I've ever sold... because it seems as though I miss it all.