Well, I haven't done any shooting still. A couple shots here and there of the dogs doing something funny or of the light and shadows on the window blinds, but not even a whole roll. I gotta say that this sucks. I'm not sure if I had mentioned before that I thought that my Jeep's head gasket was blown. Actually, that was just wishful thinking, because I was sure that with my luck, it was a cracked head or block... but lucky enough, it turns out it is probably just rust in the radiator. It looked milky to me when I went to fill the radiator, but yesterday I looked and it was back to green, which means that whatever was in it had settled to the bottom, and oil doesn't settle at the bottom of water, so... woohoo! I still have a running car! I'm going to the dog park in an hour or so, and I'm going to stay for a while, so I can start working on the Hollywood Dog Parks webpage and photo essay. Now that I have the Jeep again I can start going daily again, and get this project going. I would like to work on the subway project too, especially since I bought that one week pass and it's going to waste... but one step at a time, I guess.


I saw the movie The Anniversary Party the other day. It was just an OK movie, but the actress Jennifer Beals (remember Flashdance?) was in it and she was using a Leica M6. Apparently she really is a photographer, and she did all the photos that were displayed in the house in the movie, and all with her own M6. Seeing the movie made me want an M even more... just because of the scenes where she would just take pictures of people during the party without them even being aware, even though it was in a reasonably quiet environment. That is my only real complaint about the G2... it's not that quiet. When I was in the LA subway the other day I took a couple of shots of a girl playing with her cell phone... and realized how loud the camera was. Granted, the LA subway is only 3 years old and is quite quiet... but still, I know that I wouldn't have that problem with an M. Oh well. I will have one eventually, and who knows whether I will like the rest of the camera after using it for a while.


Grant Heffernan has something on his site called Family Portal, and when you click on it it asks for a password... I'm guessing it's a sub-site for his family photos and personal stuff. I think that's a great idea. I think I may start something like that from my page, especially since I have family on both coasts and both sides of the globe. It can be a friends and family photo album and message board. I'll start by scanning all the best or most important snapshots I have, then asking everyone else to do the same, or to send me pics to scan then return to them. I'll also start a message board, so we can keep in touch with what's going on with everyone when we don't have time (or somtimes the strength) to call each other. Once I figure out how to get the password auth thing going, I'm gonna do it.