I have decided that for once in my life I am going to try to keep something organized. I've read through other photographers' journals and day books and everyone seems to share a lack of organization when it comes to their negs and prints. I've never been much one for organization. I'm very good at organizing, mind you, it's just that I never keep with it, and laziness allows me to let everything fall apart. So... with my photography I am going to give an extra effort to keeping things organized. I'd already started the film developing log, and this morning I created the image log. Unlike the film dev log, this one is not for display. I am going to keep track of all the images I print and name, and how many of each I sell or give away. This will help me to keep track of a lot of things. For one, I am going to start numbering my film rolls after I develop them, so that later (and this is assuming that some day I am good enough that someone will actually want a print of mine) if I need to print something from a year back, and all I know is its name, I will be able to look it up in the spreadsheet, and will instantly know what roll it is on, what frame #, what camera shot it, what lens (well, maybe) and how many of these are out there already. I think that is all useful information to know about any given print. I will also be able to cross reference the film dev log in case I want to see how I actually came about a certain image, ie. how it was developed and in what, etc... It will also have a record of the date, or at least the month the image was shot, and maybe the location and some other stuff... I still need to work out the details.

I think it's a good idea, and hopefully I keep up with it, to avoid confusion later on. I really wouldn't want to have to search for one neg in a sea of tens of thousands in a few years so I can make a print.


I've been thinking about my new little organizational spreadsheet and wondering if maybe I'm jumping the gun a little. I guess it's never too early to start keeping track of stuff though, so it can't really hurt. I can see myself in a year or two running some reports to find out which lenses I never get good shots with or what cameras I don't really use, but oh well... maybe it will at least help me keep my equipment collection lean.