Hmmm... Friday the 13th. Ooooooh... scary... I never knew what to make of superstition. I mean, yeah, I've been afraid after watching a scary movie or when walking through the forest in the middle of the night without even moonlight to see by, but I don't think I've even thought of 13 as an unlucky number or that breaking a mirror was bad luck. When I was a kid I went around saying that 13 was my lucky number, but I don't think I really believed it, it was just one of those kid things to do to stand out... like putting ketchup and mustard on cooking in the cafeteria and eating them, pretending you liked them. I don't think I really believe in luck then, which means I don't believe in bad luck either... but ghosts, on the other hand, they're scary!!! I scanned a few of the shots I took and developed yesterday, and it looks to me that I didn't screw up the negs after all. Then again I have not quite developed an eye for spotting small variations in negative density, but they look fine otherwise. Unfortunately, there was nothing good on the roll, but I thought I'd put up a couple scans anyway. One of the main points of this journal is to track my progress... so how am I gonna know I'm getting better if I can't look back and see how much I sucked?

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