Well, someone finally did it. I wasn't too thrilled with moving to Hollywood when Daria presented me with the idea (in other words, she told me we were moving), but I thought I'd give it a try. I have always been a people watcher (which explains my newfound interest in street photography) and there aren't many places where you can get such an eclectic variety of folks all in one city, but Hollywood is one of them. Something that didn't sit well with me was the thought of "crime filled nights". Since I've been here, though, things have been relatively peaceful. True, the police helicopters are out circling something or other for a half hour or so at least three nights a week, and I have seen some interesting arrests and such, but at least the cops are there. So anyway, what I'm getting at is that I hate Hollywood right now, because even though we are parked in a fenced off parking lot, they broke into my Jeep and Daria's Cherokee last night. They didn't get anything out of my Jeep, and they didn't have to break anything to get in because it doesn't have a full top or full doors, but they busted a window in the Cherokee and stole some CDs and CDRs I had in there, along with some money and miscellaneous items. One strange thing is that I had left my Emerson Mach 1 knife ($200) in the center console and the guy (I'm assuming) opened the console, took out the knife, opened the blade, and then put it down on the driver's side without closing it. Any idiot could see that this knife is not cheap, and if they were willing to dig the few bucks out of the change holder, you'd think they'd steal an expensive knife that was already in their hands. Or maybe they don't believe in weapons (ha ha). Anyway, it turns out about 6 cars got broken into in the parking lot. The Cherokee was the only one that got a smashed window, though. 3 were open Jeeps, there was the Cherokee, then a car with a broken door that didn't lock, and another car that just wasn't locked last night. Total stolen seems to be 2 stereos, my CDs, and some other less pricey stuff. I'm pretty angry right now, and I wish I had a punching bag, or maybe I wish I could find the jack-ass who did this and use him as a punching bag. If it was a girl who did it though, I would let Daria use her as a punching bag... after all... I can't go around fantasizing about hitting girls, now, can I?


I really have wanted to go out and shoot something, but Lucky howls her head off every time I leave, so I just can't. I am going to just have to start leaving for short periods of time (like 5 minutes) every so often during the day, then extend the time more and more and hope he just gets used to it. For now, I am just sitting at home, so I think I will scan some of my old stuff, there has to be something worth putting up on this site from that junk.