Out of the 2 rolls I developed the night before last, one came out really grainy. The roll that I got the California Adventure Mill scan from was fine, I expect Tri-X to be fairly grainy (compared to TMax which is what I used to shoot) but not like the other roll. Then I remembered where the roll came from. This roll of film was bought around April of 2001, and it was kept in a junk drawer (in temperatures ranging from 40's all the way to 100's over the course of a year) until we moved here and it got thrown in with the rest of my film. When I bought a few new rolls so I could actually try the film out, I marked the old roll. Then I decided to use it anyway. Well, now I know what happens. Big ass grain. Luckily (er... in a way) none of the shots on the roll came out good. I do like grainy shots... but not for everything. --------------------

Well, Lucky's biopsy came back inconclusive, and now the vet wants to do a more expensive one. They are a bunch of asses. If you are ever thinking of going to a vet in Hollywood, stay away from TLC. They charged $60 for a dog bath and they tried to rip us off with this whole second biopsy deal, offering only 20% off since we already paid $150 for the first one they recommended, which was useless. They are also just rude and unhelpful in general. Anthony found another vet that gives 50% off any work done on rescue dogs. That's cool. So, we are going to have his second biopsy done there instead, and probably the rest of his work too. By the end of the week we should know what is really wrong with Lucky the lucky (so far) dog.