Well, the dog's name is now Lucky, and she really is a sweet little doggy. She must have been homeless for a while though, because she doesn't like being inside much. She spends a lot of her time at the door, and she lets out a little howl about once an hour (or non-stop if I leave her and go outside by myself). She is potty trained, though, and that is a huge releif... not just for me now, but it will also aid in adopting her out. Anthony spent $216 on her so far, for the tests on her tumor (or fatty growth) and to get her cleaned up. Too bad she doesn't seem to like other dogs, or she'd be really happy playing with mine all day long. Instead, she growls when they start sniffing around her, but that's ok, it's not like she bites them. We will be finding out whether or not she has cancer tomorrow. I really hope it's not cancer. There's no way Anthony or I could afford to put her through the operation and treatment, and that would mean having her put down... I'd really rather not think of this, I'm really starting to get attached to her. So, with Lucky here I am stuck in the apartment. I can't go out or she will undoubtedly get me in some serious trouble with the neighbors... she is quite the howler when she's upset. It's a real shame, too, because today is the first overcast day since I've been in Hollywood, and i was looking forward to getting some less contrasty shooting done this afternoon. Oh well, instead I just burned half a roll on the dogs. Unfortunately I can't get enough light to come in through the windows though, so some are done with flash and the others are done with crappy ceiling based light. I need to get a smaller lamp so I can get some horizontal lighting. I took a few shots of Daria the other day as she was contemplating her next Scrabble word and I'm confident they will look very unflattering, seeing as how the ceiling bulb will leave not-so nice shadows in all the wrong places on her face. If only I didn't hate the look of flash shadows, or if I only had a tilt-capable flash. I should have thought of that when I bought all the new gear. Oh, wait... I actually did. I bought the Metz-Contax SCA adapter and was just about to order a 54 MZ-3 when Daria fell in love with this retro-looking peach colored bicycle, so the last of the money ($300) from my big EOS sale went towards the bike that is in the apartment sitting right behind me as I type this, collecting dust. It's not really safe to ride bikes on the streets of Hollywood.

I contacted Dave Beckerman today, partly to ask him a couple photo questions, partly to apologize for ripping off his site design. He was really cool about it, didn't seem to mind, and he answered all my questions, then recommended a book which I just ordered. From what I can tell Dave seems like a really cool guy. Maybe when I go to NY (next year?) I'll try to stop by and meet him..