Haven't written for a week, but this is how I expected it to be in the beginning, so I'm not worried or disappointed. I had quite an adventure running along the 101 Freeway today. As I was on my way home, going through a bit of traffic, I saw a dog trotting the other way on the shoulder. I pulled over, hopped out, and tried to call her over to me. She just gave me a quick glance and kept going. A guy pulled over after I had followed her for a bit and got out to help me, and we chased this poor dog for a half mile or more... a few times she actually ran out into the lanes, but luckily the cars stopped short of hitting her or either of us... until we finally got her cornered. We noticed that she had a huge growth coming out of her side, maybe the size of a grapefruit, probably bigger. Originally we thought she had been hit by a car or something, but upon closer inspection it looked more like a tumor of some sort. After we just stood around her for maybe 10 minutes, trapping her against a fence, not wanting to scare her back into a run, she just decided to walk up to me and be pet. She was a very friendly and calm dog, not what you'd expect from one that's been living on the streets, which is what she appeared to be doing. So I held on to our new friend while Anthony (the good samaritan) went to get his car, and luckily he also stopped along the way and saved me from getting a ticket for expired registration from the police officer who had just stopped where I left my car. So he exited the freeway and made it back to where we were and got back on, and we loaded her up and he took off with her. He said he'd take her to a vet and he agreed to pay for her medical bills up to a certain amount (a very generous amount, too) and I agreed to take her in until I could find her a good home and adopt her out (sonce that's the best I can do being broke and all). As it is right now we are waiting for the vet to call so I can go pick her up for the night, they are taking tissue samples to test whether the growth is a cancerous tumor or just a fatty tissue growth. The results of her test will unfortunately decide her fate. The cost for surgery to remove a fatty growth along with the hospital stay and grooming, etc... Anthony can take care of. If it is cancer, though, it will cost a lot more, because they will need to do reconstructive surgery and rehabilitate her for a lengthy amount of time. If that's the case, I don't think he will be able to afford it. I, unfortunately, am flat broke, and can't pitch in at all, or I would. I just hope it is fatty tissue and not cancer. One interesting thing is that the vet says that she is in amazingly good health considering that she appears to have been homeless for quite a while (they can tell because her teeth are jacked up from all the stuff she has bitten and chewed on in search of food, among other things). There are no sores or infections on her body, and she has an abnormally great temperment for a street dog. I think maybe she had a homeless owner, I see a lot of homeless people in Hollywood with dogs. That would explain why she isn't afraid of people, because a lone dog gets yelled at, kicked and has rocks thrown at it... but the dogs with homeless owners at least have an owner to protect them. Many people would probably laugh at us for putting forth so much time, effort and money for some dog that we don't even know, let alone a street dog trotting along the freeway, but what can I say, I love dogs. Whatever the outcome, even if she has to be put to sleep because of the cancer... it will be a better conclusion than for her to have been hit by a car. As for those who say so what, it's just a dog... don't forget that she could have run out into traffic and caused himans to be killed, too.


So that's my big story for the day. Big story for the week, really. On to photography...

I just finished the roll of XP2 Super I had in the G2. It took a long time, because I've really wanted to start shooting with Tri-X, so I wasn't interested in shooting the XP2. I ended up mostly shooting with the Minilux and the Bessa-L for the past week or so because I already had Tri-X loaded in them.

The thing that is holding back my darkroom (I've had the equipment for over a year) is that I don't have a table to set it up on yet. That shows how much I need to get a job... I can't even afford to get a folding table right now.

Tomorrow I plan to develop the few rolls of Tri-X I've shot. The XP2 will have to wait until I can afford to drop it off to be processed. I think I have about 5 rolls or so ready to go. What's the point of taking pictures if you never see the results? How do you improve if you don't get to see what you're doing wrong? Don't ask me. Last week I developed 14 rolls of TMAX that I had shot over a year ago. Nothing good on any of them, but I should have found that out a year ago, not now. Then again, I hadn't shot much anything since then (around May, 2000) until about 2 months ago, when I decided to get back into photography full force. This time I will do it right, and I will continue to do it, or I may as well sell all my cameras and jut keep an Olympus Stylus Epic, and shoot pictures of my friends, dogs and family for the rest of my life, an eternal snapshooter. Hell, I'll probably get the same results as I do now with any of the cameras I have... I have a lot to learn and a long way to go...