Yesterday I went to California Adventure. I brought the Minilux, thinking that there should be lots of interesting people pics to be taken, but I didn't want tolug around the Domke bag with the G2... I wanted to keep it simple. Well, I made the right choice, because I realized after about an hour of walking around, doing some people watching, that Disneyland tourists are really boring subjects. They all look and act the same, and the pitiful parents who brought their kids to Mouseland seem to stagger aroud the park, red faced and almost teary eyed, no doubt thinking about how many hours, weeks, or probably months they toiled away at jobs that they hate just for a day that the little buggers will have forgotten within a week. It was really sad. Nonetheless, I did take a few shots here and there, but I have no hopes for anything decent from them. After California Adventure, Lan (my brother) and I went to our first ever photo club meeting. I found the club on the internet, wrote to one of the contacts, got some general information and was told to just show up as a guest. Lan and I walk in, introduce ourselves a few times to different folks around the room, and notice very quickly that there isn't a single member appearing to be less than 55 years old. That was the first hint that this place was not for us. The second was the fact that apparently they all (except for 2) shot on Canon EOS equipment (the other 2 shot Nikon), and only slides. The third was the pile of Pop Photo and Photo Graphic mags for sharing. Then they did the slide show/competition. They'd show a slide, and the 3 members chosen to be the judges would grade the shot with a number between 3 and 9. It was unfortunate that the judges weren't comfortable giving any score lower than a 7, because I thought at first that this would actually be a good way to have your images graded, just so you could get a little feedback on your work. The other big failure, in my opinion, was that each slide was only viewed for about 2-3 seconds before being graded. So the grades were only based on a 2 second first impression, and they were cushioned so not to be too harsh... this did not seem to me to be very constructive. I don't think we will be joining the club, the people were really nice and very conversive, but their goals don't really coincide with mine...


I am going to begin a new project next week, er... actually it will be my first project, really. It's going to be called Hollywood Dog Parks. It will involve taking lots of pics, hopefully mostly candid, of dogs and their owners. I'll also do some shots of the parks themselves. The presentation will be in the form of a web page, which I am planning on designing as a sort of intro to the different dog parks in and around Hollywood. When I was looking for parks to take my dogs to, all I found were a few little blurbs with directions and a couple of facts about each park, nothing very comprehensive. After checking out all the information I could find I still had no idea what to expect when I'd get there. I plan on giving potential visitors as much of a detailed idea of what they will experience, see and smell as possible. The premise behind this project is that I have trouble approaching people with my camera, and this will be a good excercise. It will of course be easier than just walking up to people on the street and asking permission to take their picture, because I have the project itself as a shield. This way any rejection I receive will be directed toward the idea of the project, not me. The idea is something like that... regardless... it will be good practice.