This may very well be my last journal entry ever. I am about to embark on a short but potentially deadly journey... mountain biking Joshua Tree Park in 110 degrees of heat, Fahrenheit. Damn. It should be fun, except for the part where we all collapse off our bikes and crawl over a sand dune or two, only to spend our last ounces of strength fending off the vultures who are all too eager to wait the extra 5 minutes for us to actually die. If I don't die or lapse into a coma, I should get some decent photos, and hopefully I will be able to post them here tonight or tomorrow. I have always wanted to go and photograph Joshua Tree Park, not because I think I will be able to come up with anything original, but just because many of the photos I've seen of JTree have been stunning, and it would be nice to do something similar.

Well, I'm off...