Well, it looks like it's about time for the rebirth of this website. I just bought a Canon G3 and 256MB CF card, they will be arriving next week, so I will be taking photos again. Although this hasn't worked before, I am once again going to talk about a project I would like to start... titled Orange County. I love Orange County, and I think it would make a great subject for a very long and detailed photo essay. I'm not going to plan what I actually intend to shoot just yet, it needs to have at least a little spontanaeity (sp?)... but I plan on eventually being able to show all different aspects of Orange County... from the multi-million dollar homes on Spyglass Hill to the "ghetto" in Santa Ana. Ok, so there isn't really a "ghetto" in OC, but there are a few places I don't feel too safe at night, so they will have to do. Real estate is not going too well just yet, I have learned that more than anything else it is all about exposure. There are people out there that want to buy houses, want to sell houses... and they are looking for someone to help them with their transactions. Unfortunately, they don't know me, and don't know that I'm in the business, and don't know how well I could help them. It doesn't matter how intelligent or smooth-talking I may or may not be, not if no one knows my name or number. The fact that the problem is clear, though, does not make it any easier to solve.

I hope to revamp the site soon, make it a little more aesthetically pleasing, and maybe a bit more interesting looking. I think the best addition will be new photographs though. Now I'll just need to fight the temptation to post every damn snapshot I take with my new toy... er... I mean photographic tool. Actually, it's not like I have never had a digital camera before. I had an Epson 750Z (1MP) then the Canon Elph S100 (2MP) and then the Canon G1 (3MP). Now I'm moving up another megapixel with the G3. Hopefully this one will serve me the way the others didn't. No matter how nice the images I took on the other cameras were, they never felt like real photos... and that was a shame. I really need to get over my love for film. I just can't afford to shoot film for now.